Ten Things We Can't Work Without.


We all have our favorite items and software that we wouldn’t want to work without. Here are ours:

  1. Our Sloane Stationery notebooks. We love having physical agendas and notebooks to bullet journal in. They maximize our efficiency, help with time management, and allow for a little more creative freedom than the calendar app on our phone.

  2. Slack. This internal communications software has taken instant messaging to a whole new level. Find your entire team in the same space and communicate effectively by chatting about specific projects in designated channels.

  3. The issue with women’s business attire is that the outfits often lack pockets. Enter: The Xou Xou phone case. Put your handbag away, strap your phone around your shoulder, and get ready to tackle those trade shows and networking events with your hands free!

  4. Nowadays, most of us can’t do our job without some sort of computer on our desk. We personally love working with iMacs because they force us to sit up straight whilst offering lots of workspace on screen.

  5. There are countless project management tools out there. Asana is just the first one that truly caught our attention, and because it’s so user-friendly, we stuck with this one. Create regular to do lists, or use Kanban Boards to manage your projects.

  6. It doesn’t have to be an iPhone. Yet whether it’s to make phone calls, or post on social media, we can probably all agree that we can’t work without our phones these days.

  7. DropBox. Want to access your work on the go? There’s no better way to sync files across different devices than this data storage service.

  8. The quickest way to create collaborative content with clients is via Google Drive. Different team members can work on any given document at the same time, and revisions are easier than ever.

  9. Working in a co-working office can get a little noisy sometimes, so we let our Sennheiser PXC 550 wireless noise cancelling headphones work their magic.

  10. Clogged inboxes are annoying, and emails with large files take forever to send. Upload your files on WeTransfer and send a download link instead of large attachments.