New Client: Solar Outdoor Media GmbH.



24. July 2019

MUNICH – Solar Outdoor Media GmbH contracts Rupp Public Relations GmbH to manage their global marketing and communications for the company’s variety of B2B portfolio products.

The Munich-based PR consultancy will be creating the solar-focused company’s website, consulting and executing social media and media relations work, designing sales material and newsletters, as well as assisting with all ad-hoc marketing related inquires.

Founder and Managing Director, Natascha Rupp says, “We met with the founder of Solar Outdoor Media GmbH in Berlin at the Berlin Travel Festival earlier this year, and were fascinated by the company’s product offering. We had the chance to experience two of their key products in person: Ecocapsule, a self-sustainable microhome, and Noordung, a high-end electric bike. We quickly understood that these products are of high quality and designed to make the world a better place, which is the basis for us working together. Long story short: We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with Solar Outdoor Media GmbH over the next 12 months - and hopefully beyond.”

Solar Outdoor Media GmbH is a B2B sales company that features countless products focusing on smart city solutions and waste management, promoting a healthy community connection.

Visit in 1-2 months to find a beautifully designed website. In the meantime, follow Solar Outdoor Media GmbH on Instagram and LinkedIn.


About Rupp Public Relations GmbH

Rupp Public Relations GmbH was founded in 2016 and has since specialized in communicating on behalf of sustainable travel and tourism brands. The firm defines sustainable tourism as “the act of traveling in a way that future generations get to experience the cultures and landscapes we experience today, whilst helping local economies grow, and improving the lives of communities living where we travel to.” Rupp Public Relations GmbH consults with energy experts and environmentalists to ensure its clients operate in the most sustainable fashion.


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