Welcome to our first PR profile!

The PR profile series explores the definitions of PR by simply asking PR professionals from different industries around the globe to complete 10 sentences.

So without further ado we introduce to you: Lakshmi Narayan from London.

1. Public relations is....different every day, even, every hour

2. Public relations is not...HR or PA

3. I work in PR challenges me

4. My work essentials consist of...a notebook, a pen, a computer and a phone - for action lists and communication

5. I’m really good at...problem solving

6. I wish I was better at...not getting stressed

7. In five years time I’m going to be...head of PR

8. I wake up in the morning because...I have to complete tasks and reach goals

9. I’m currently listening to...Maribou State

10. My words of wisdom are...'stress can be your potential powerful ally, you just need to channel it to enhance yourself'

Lakshmi graduated with a BA in Public Relations in 2013 and has been working at FOCUS, a consumer PR agency with a social and experiential offering. Currently, she is an account manager working on international brands such as Jim Beam, Jagermeister and Wayfair but also start up/challenger brands like EatFirst and Karma Cola. Feature-style editorial is what she loves to achieve, pitching to the journalist and delivering a result to a client, it's not the easiest but it challenges her and the 'win' really gets her going. In her spare time, Lakshmi cooks, eats out, loves to travel and binge watch Netflix series!