The PR profile series explores the definitions of PR by simply asking PR professionals from different industries around the globe to complete 10 sentences.

This month we asked Christian Krohne from Berlin to finish our sentences.

Public relations is…essential for every business in order to become known, maintain a great image and be successful. 

Public relations is not…advertising. Many people still get this wrong.

I work in PR's a fun but also the most challenging way of communicating. 

My work essentials consist of…my Macbook, my phone and my ideas.

I’m really good at…connecting people with great matching ideas and getting their message out.

I wish I was better at…being patient. I always try to get results as fast as possible.

In five years time I’m going to be…a thought leader in the field of PR and public affairs.

I wake up in the morning because…life is not about how much you sleep, but what you do while you're awake.

I’m currently listening to…Michael Jackson’s „Off the Wall“ album.

My words of wisdom are…Be phenomenal or be forgotten.

Christian is a PR and Public Affairs Consultant from Berlin. He also ist the co-founder of #SFB, a Berlin-based business network that helps young professionals working in the fields of PR, public affairs, politics and media build valuable networks. You can get in touch with him at and