Granada & Popoyo, Nicaragua

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This beautiful country is emerging as Central America's fastest growing destination - tourist arrivals were up approximately 30% in 2017. Be sure to get there before everyone else does!


Panama City, Panama 

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Just an hour outside of Panama City, Kalu Yala is becoming the world's most sustainable modern town.


Tel Aviv, Israel 

Not going to lie, we are mainly going for the local food scene. Our first stop: Night Kitchen.


St. Petersburg & Moscow, Russia 

Local architecture and craftsmanship is an essential element of sustainable tourism. So we decided to stay at Moscow's Standart Hotel, which was designed by Russian architect Pavel Andreev. The hotel is respectful of the surrounding structural heritage while forging the way for something new in the historic center.


Kiev & Chernobyl, Ukraine 

"Dark tourism" is on the rise. Chernobyl is an incredible example of how something horrific has been turned around to generate a new source of income from visitors.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

We usually despise all inclusive resorts, yet we learned that locals working at these hotels tend to have a higher level of job security. This positively impacts the well-being of local communities and the economy - an often overseen element of sustainable tourism.


Bahia, Brazil 

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We're visiting our client KA BRU Brazil to experience their sustainable hospitality first hand.


Montevideo & Punta del Este, Uruguay 

Tourist arrivals have continuously been up 30% each year, making this little country the fastest growing destination in South America.


Asunción, Paraguay

Random fact: Paraguay has the world’s second-largest hydroelectric plant co-owned with Brazil, which produces all of Paraguay's electricity and is completely emission free.


Talalla, Sri Lanka

There's no better way to reduce your carbon emissions than by surfing nature's waves and inhaling/exhaling at yoga classes by the beach. Be sure to carbon offset your flight!