And yet another year is coming to an end. 2018, much like the previous years, was filled with some incredible travels to beautiful new destinations. Here’s a summary of our travel highlights and the places we loved most (in no particular order).  

1. Popoyo, Nicaragua

Sometimes we want to keep destination gems like Popoyo remote to avoid overtourism. But we feel like this beach town in Nicaragua still has a few years of solitude left to share with individual travelers. Stay at Meson Nadi, and surf those wonderful waves!


2. Palestine Territories

This was the most eye-opening travel experience to date thanks to our incredible guide Nab. Contact him here to explore Jerusalem and Bethelem from a true local’s perspective.


3. Tel Aviv, Israel

We all know that Tel Aviv is the capital of cool. What you may not know, is that this city is also a jackpot for foodies. Get a taste of delicious Middle Eastern cuisine at Port Sa’id.


4. Tirol, Austria

The more conscious we become of the negative impacts of travel on the environment, the more we appreciate the places close to our home base – such as the beautiful mountains of Tirol in Austria.


 5. Saint Petersburg, Russia

This city really impressed us – from the stunning architecture and the wonderful food, to the kind people. Be sure to visit the Faberge Museum, and if there’s time, hop on a train to Moscow to extend your stay.


6. Sofia, Bulgaria

We love exploring cities by foot. And Sofia has proven to be of the best capitals for people like us! What made it all even more enticing, was that we were there on the 8th of August 2018, which meant the entire city turned into a live stage for wedding ceremonies and parties. Quite the sight to say the least!


 7. New York City, USA

New York never gets old. We returned to this dazzling city for a long weekend to combine business with pleasure, and came across Farm One. Sign up for to explore this technology-powered, vertical farm that supplies herbs to some of the city’s finest restaurants.


 8. José Igancio, Uruguay

This former fishing village is home to beautiful beaches, lovely local boutiques, and most importantly, an incredible variety of tasty food at Parador La Huella.


9. Barra Grande, Brazil

The great thing about having clients around the world, is that we actually get to visit them. The journey to Ka Bru Beach entailed the road trip adventure of 2018! We can only highly recommend discovering the incredible beachfront location in this secluded peninsula for yourself. Tip: Fly via Salvador and take one or two days to explore the colorful capital of Bahia.


10. Berlin, Germany

It started off with ITB Berlin in March, followed by a couple of weekend trips from the south of Germany to the north. After years of disliking this city, we finally fell in love. We can’t wait to be back at ITB and BTF in 2019!


Check back next month to find out which destinations we’re visiting in 2019!