Roluos, Cambodia

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A small village 16 km outside of Siem Reap has quickly become one of the most meaningful places in the world for us. To learn more visit: www.roots-cambodia.org.


Okavango Delta, Botswana


When nature is so unbelievably beautiful that you get excited about camping out in the wild. Travel here sustainability with G Adventures.


Coachella, California

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Three days of live music, dancing with friends, palm trees, sunshine, homemade lemonades and yummy food - this is our happy place. See you again in 2018! Tickets: www.coachella.com


Tulum, Mexico

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Two words: Nomade Tulum. More words: This is one of those magical places where architecture, interior, nature, food, service, and good vibes flow together so well that it becomes a struggle to leave the hotel and explore the surrounding area. This is one of those rare occasions where the hotel is the destination.


Kotor, Montenegro

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There’s no better way to spend a summer day than sailing Kotor Bay. Sail with Yuri: www.parus-m.ru/en


Causeway Route, Northern Ireland

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Not our usual destination pick; yet the beautiful, historic landmarks and delicious, locally sourced food at The Bushmills Inn made up for the windy weather.


Beirut, Lebanon

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By far our favorite weekend trip this year. Beirut is diverse, open-minded, and knows exactly how to make you feel welcome. Stay at Le Gray.


Galápagos, Ecuador

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Truly a trip of a lifetime. And contrary to popular belief, doable on a budget. Grab breakfast, lunch or dinner at Galápagos Deli in Puerto Ayora.


London, United Kingdom

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Our most traveled-to destination and home away from home. This year’s favorite discovery: teatime at the Punch Room.


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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Victoria Falls took our breathe away. Literally. We turned the corner to see this view and forgot to breathe for a second or two. Spend a night at the Cresta Sprayview Hotel for easy lodging.